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2012 Year in tech: A timeline - Engadget

By Billy Steele, Sarah Silbert and Christopher Trout
Illustration By ILoveDust

While planet Earth has yet to meet its demise, the end of 2012 is nigh. It was a year of lengthy legal battles and shifting power dynamics in the tech industry. It brought with it great advancements and great failures -- and, for some, the promise of the end of days. We've combed our archives to...

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Yahoo answersIs there a website that shows you what you would look like if you lost X amount of weight?

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    Try this http://cosmetic-makeovers.com/2006/09/21/a-virtual-model-for-weight-loss or...

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  • 2012 Year in tech: A timeline

    The 13.3-inch notebook boasted a thickness of 0.6 inch and a weight just under three pounds. February 29th The world's cheapest mini-Linux computer, the Raspberry Pi, went on sale with an asking price of $25 for the Model A version with 256MB of

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    “I lost all of my snow contracts through Chrysler during the auto collapse and had to close my landscaping business of 20 years,” Metry said. That would be a financial disaster for With six years of competitive bass fishing water under his boat

  • Omada takes proven prediabetes intervention online

    “Because we're a virtual model, we would need to show year-end weight loss in a peer-reviewed journal [in order to be covered], so we're creating trials right now to do so. We could be the first virtual model certified. If the bill passed and the data

  • 21 Book Publishing Predictions for 2013: Indie Ebook Authors Take Charge

    The virtual shelves of online ebook retailers will expand to accommodate a limitless supply of ebooks. In the early days of self-published ebooks when there were fewer books to choose .. If Pearson/Penguin decided to clean up the act of ASI, they'd

  • Nutrisystem Gears Up to Help the More Than Half of Americans Planning to ...

    These efforts will be marked by an all-new, extensive national advertising campaign with three separate creative streams and more than ten distinct commercials reflecting proven weight loss results and different dieting personalities. Nutrisystem also

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