2yrs - The Truth about Weight Loss Surgery

The good, the bad, and the ugly concerning WLS.

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The Holiday Season is here.  Holidays are a time of celebration with family, friends, and food.  Food is often the center of many of our gatherings, which can be scary for an individual who is preparing to have weight loss surgery or for a patient who recently had a procedure.  With some planning weight loss surgery patients can enjoy the holidays without hindering their success.

If you...

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Yahoo answersHow or why are many of the people I have seen who have had weight loss surgery still fat years later?

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    Because the weight loss surgery does not retrain your brain and body how to eat healthy. That is the first step in losing weight. Many people think that the surgery is a permanent, fix-all...

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  • Weight-loss surgery program aimed at low-income people

    About 30 people, most of them low-income and struggling with diabetes or other chronic health conditions, have undergone weight-loss surgery during the past seven months in a new program at Ventura County Medical Center. The bariatric program at the

  • NHS staff 'should consider weight loss surgery to set a better example to ...

    Yet many primary care trusts have introduced their own rationing of bariatric surgery, stating patients must have a BMI of over 50, leading some people to try to gain weight in order to qualify. Research has shown that obesity surgery is cost effective

  • Orange hospital to host program on weight loss surgery

    Orange Regional Medical Center will host a bariatric weight loss surgery seminar at Catskill Regional Medical Center in Harris, at 6 p.m. Tuesday, Jan. 15. The seminar will cover obesity treatment options including nonsurgical approaches and gastric

  • Bariatric surgery succeeds when new year resolutions to lose weight fail

    For years Blanca Ramirez, like many Americans, started each new year with a resolution to lose weight. But no more. "I lost 55 pounds this year and the weight is rolling off and will stay off," said the 42 year-old, married, mother of three. Ramirez

  • Dr. Ramos Kelly, is hired by Mexico Bariatric Center, a Mexico Health Care ...

    Mexico has been a long-time center for weight loss surgery with bariatric surgeons having years more experience than their U.S. counterparts. This vast experience is diverse, not just in gastric bypass and gastric banding, but Mexican surgeons have

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