My 180-Pound Weight Loss Success Story

My success story started from within. I released 180 pounds without dieting, drugs, or pummeling my self-esteem. Believe it or not, there was no battle involved. Just balance. I started doing DDPYOGA, stopped drugging myself with food, and started paying attention to who I really AM ♥ Thank You...

Nutrisystem Is Among The Hottest Weight Loss Plans

At present, selecting the right program to lose weight is not very easy, as there are just so many to pick from. Nutrisystem has established an excellent reputation because not just many average people but also celebrities have had success with it. Perhaps you wonder why you have never tried it yourself, since there have been countless success stories. Due to the ongoing publicity Nutrisystem has garnered...

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Yahoo answersWhat is your greatest weight loss success?

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    I lost 43 lbs. on Weight Watchers about three years ago. My success was mostly attributed to Weight Watchers being a very easy to follow plan, one that you can live with forever. Also, it helped...

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