Jim Poore 402 LB Weight Loss Record with Herbalife

Massive weight loss story of Jim Poore who lost 402 pounds weight with Herbalife Weight Management products. ORDER PRODUCTS FROM www.GoHerbal.eu

Pinstripe Bowl Prediction: Can Orange Keep Their Streaks Intact?

The Syracuse Orange football team has beaten the West Virginia Mountaineers two-consective times.

The Syracuse Orange have won every single Pinstripe Bowl they've ever played in since 1895.

The Syracuse Orange are currently on a three-game winning streak in which they scored no less than 31 points in each game.

Those three streaks are not what matters on Saturday and yet, they're a...

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Yahoo answersWhat commercial weight loss programs are vegan?

  • Vegetarian & Vegan

    Commercial diet programs sometimes rely on pre-packaged foods. They are not commonly associated with whole foods or with plant-based foods. Congratulations on your 90-pound weight loss ! Most...

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  • TV presenter Lorraine Kelly furious over weight-loss advert photo on Facebook

    A picture of Lorraine has appeared on a Facebook ad which leads to a website selling weight-loss supplements. She has asked her lawyers to find out who made the advert, which reads: “Lose two stone in four weeks? By following these two all natural tips

  • Jon Grabeal: How to tone after weight loss surgery

    Q: My name is Elizabeth and earlier this year I had weight loss surgery. I am interested in finding out how often I need to do weight lifting exercises to tone the excess fat that is slowly becoming flabby. I had the vertical sleeve surgery so I am not

  • LCO Health Center launches weight management support group

    The Lac Courte Oreilles Diabetes Prevention and Education Program also continues to offer weight management educational sessions on both an individual and group basis. .. (%remaining%) Remaining Thanks for visiting . You're

  • Wallingford woman wins recognition for weight loss

    WALLINGFORD – When Tina Nanos went on a business trip in October, some of her coworkers who hadn't seen her in a year didn't recognize her. “They told me I looked like an entirely different person,” she said. “I told them that was because I lost an

  • Home builder Pulte leads the year's gainers

    The seller of supplements and weight loss products was pummeled after the CEO of a hedge fund said the company is a pyramid scheme. The stock fell 42 percent. — Apple. The maker of iPhones and iPads was probably the most watched stock of the year.

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