Weight Loss Recommendations

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There’s an App for That

Getting through the day without using technology is nearly impossible. For some, a smart phone is more than just an accessory, but an appendage.

It turns out that smart phones and other gadgets can serve a higher purpose than updating social media. According to a story on Sciencedaily.com a new Northwestern Medicine study shows that using a mobile app can help people lose an average of 15 pounds...

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Yahoo answersWhat are the best foods for weight loss?

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    The best food for weight loss is green vegetables and fruits. One shouldn't take heavy food like that contains any type of fats. One should drink much water. Water therapy is good for weight loss.

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Key Recommendations
Weight loss to lower elevated blood pressure in overweight and obese persons with high blood pressure.

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Current recommendations for weight loss in children have two goals: to ensure that the child grows and develops normally and to help the child reach a healthy weight.

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