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Sugar Detox & Weight Loss: Online Course | Divine Health

Just how many of us will be ready for some kind of dietary shift or detox after the holidays are over? Perhaps a New Year’s resolution might be to clean up the diet or lose those extra 15 pounds that slinked their way on over the last few months. Let’s face it, January is as good a time as any to re-focus on one’s health and do a little ‘clean-up’ after the holiday festivities and stress of the season....

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Yahoo answersWhere can I find free weight loss programs online?

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    Hi J - I had the exact same problem! Last month I was doing some research and I found a great online source for free weight loss programs... The reason I like this particular website so much is...

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    An Australian study on Web-based weight-loss programs found that personalization and support from medical or nutritional experts had little effect on the amount of weight participants lost. However, those features tended to engage users with the site

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    Completing her look with a pair of neon bright hooped earrings, the Changes singer told the publication that her weightloss will be permanent. She added: 'If you want to change your body you can't just diet; if you do that, you lose weight, then

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    A recent study by a British medical-research organization has determined that online weight-loss programs can be just as effective as their in-person counterparts, but experts agree that employee motivation remains the key to success. By Andrew R

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    Just in time for slimming New Year's resolutions, GlaxoSmithKline says it's unlikely that regulators will add obesity-fighting claims to GLP-1 diabetes drugs, reported Bloomberg. The report featured a quote from GSK's R&D chairman which dismisses that

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