Atkins Weight Loss Program Testimonial - Serena - Week 12

Serena describes her twelfth week on the Atkins Diet program.

The Atkins Diet

This diet provides you an assurance that you will lose weight without the need to starve yourself or eat bland tasting food just to shed pounds, Weight loss will come naturally if you become consistent and obedient with its rule of daily food servings.

How can Atkins Diet make you lose weight?

The answer is plain and simple. While on The Atkins Diet you will have...


Yahoo answersHow can I maximize weight loss on atkins?

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    Shaun, You should eat balanced for your metabolism. Just before Dr. Adkins untimely death he was beginning to shift his thinking away from an all protein diet. (It's rough on the kidneys.)...

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  • Atkins Nutritionals, Inc. Launches New Mobile App

    Daily Planner: Take advantage of a recommended daily meal plan or create a customized low-carb meal plan specific to each phase of the Atkins Diet™. Progress Tracker: Track net carbs consumed each day to keep up with weight loss goals and have the

  • 2012's most popular diets

    Atkins Diet. One of the most famous and enduring diets, this low-carb way of eating promises to switch the body's metabolism by lowering insulin levels — and it allows high-fat foods. Advocates say that, if followed properly, weight will drop and

  • Less carbs may ease infertility problems

    Haslam, who is also chair of the National Obesity Forum and a member of the Atkins Science Advisory Board, said: "PCOS, a condition in which the ovaries produce cysts, is suffered by approximately 10 per cent of women in the UK and is also linked to

  • Atkins Introduces Deliciously Different Low-Carb Meals To The Freezer Aisle

    Backed by over 80 independent published studies demonstrating safety and effectiveness, the Atkins Diet is a powerful four-phase weight loss program based on all food groups. Atkins Frozen Meal entrees are a deliciously different and convenient

  • Will Atkins be the precise food regimen for you

    Your meals and consuming behaviors can also give you a clue as to whether or not Atkins is an effective selection for your weight loss efforts. Carb sensitivities are indicated by a certain set of behaviors. You could be carb delicate if you really

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