Yoga Exercises For Seniors (Old Age)

Simple yet effective yoga exercises for old age or senior citizens. This video will help you to learn yoga postures step by step.

Surround Yourself With Wise Counsellors

Some things in life are just hard to fathom, harder to explain, they are inexplicable.

There is an age old concept that we can become wise if we will submit ourselves to learn from those who are wise. The reverse is true as well. If we listen to those who are foolish we too will become foolish.

As parents, we seek to teach our children to choose their friends carefully. To choose to...

Source: Is Your Reward Worthy of Your Risk?

Yahoo answersWhy do people look so different as they age, but animals look almost the same for most of their lives ?

  • Other - Pets

    I think it's because they live for a shorter amount of time. Animals grow in size, though. Think of a dog, for example. They live for 15 years. A human only grows in this amount of time, so I think...

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