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Anne Hathaway Credits Dried Oatmeal for Dramatic Weight Loss for ...

Preparing to play Fantine in Les Misérables could be perceived as miserable for Anne Hathaway .

No stranger to altering her lifestyle to fit a role – she went vegan and got into peak shape for The Dark Knight Rises – Hathaway, who turned 30 on Monday, went to extremes to stay true to her latest character.

Going on a strict cleanse before shooting Les Mis , the Academy...

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Yahoo answersWhat are the best weight loss and muscle building supplements that work?

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    None of them are approved by any medical or dietary organization because they just don't work. Except for making money for the sellers. 80% of weight loss is diet. You can eat a healthy diet and...

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    But now, reflecting on the experience of how she went from a fit Catwoman to a pale Fantine, the vegan actress insists that she does not want to reveal any details of precisely how she lost the weight, telling Access Hollywood on Dec. 3, "I don't

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    Eat to Live: The Amazing Nutrient-Rich Program for Fast Sustained Weight Loss , Revised Edition, Joel Fuhrman, Little, Brown. 8.Allen Carr's How to Tell If Your Cat Is Plotting to Kill You, The Oatmeal and Matthew Inman, Andrews McMeel Publishing. 11.

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    Cooking techniques and introductions to potentially unfamiliar ingredients, such as edamame (soy beans) and the ancient grain farro, are peppered with recipes for dishes such as oatmeal pancakes, the Middle Eastern red pepper dip called muhammara and

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    Today, I eat oatmeal with protein powder and berries or egg whites with ezekial bread for breakfast. I snack on Greek yogurt or an apple or a protein bar. Lunch is grilled chicken breast, brown rice, black beans, lettuce and I have found my passion

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    as comparable non-rice products (such as those made with oatmeal). Consumer Reports, which has also found elevated arsenic levels in apple and grape juice, is calling for stricter federal standards on the chemical. 15. Next-generation weight-loss

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