Nutra-Slim Tea Review - This is a review by for Nutra-Slim Tea. It's sold in boxes containing 30 tea bags. The product can easily be confused with Nutri-Slim Tea, but the two weight loss products have completely different ingredient lists.


I came across an interesting article in NUTRA (November 27, 2012 edition) the other day.

You've probably seen the Sensa ads. You just shake these "magic" crystals on your food and the pounds melt away. And, by the way, it's not salads they are shaking the crystals on. It's pizza, hamburgers, French fries and the like.

The "magic" crystals are made from maltodextrin...

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Yahoo answersHow much weight loss will I achieve by just eating sugar free jello?

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    Sugar-free is fine as long as it is sweetened with natural fruit or juice or stevia. Please do not eat anything that contains Asparteme(Nutra-sweet), saccharin, or sodium cyclamate. these are all...

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