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25 Weight Loss Motivation Quotes | the perfect line

Nothing good comes easy; no pain no gain, sweat it, work and you will be rewarded. Our daily life is filled with examples of the equation "effort = results". Every one of us wants to look our best and we look our best when we enjoy a healthy, strong body. Sadly, not many of us are willing to leave the couch and burn up those fats that weigh us down. Here's a little treasure galore of inspiration to motivate...

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Yahoo answersHow are you doing on your weight loss journey?

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    I am doing pretty well, thank you. I have been on several diet in the past, but I have always gained the weight back of failed before I reached my goal. This year I got the much needed motivation...

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Motivational Quotes About Weight Loss . Exercise can be a chore at times. While it's commonly understood that exercise is part of a sensible weight-loss regimen, it ...

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Are you in a weight loss wedge and need a little nudge to get the scale moving in the right direction? Perhaps you just need a little motivation from some of the ...

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Motivation Quotes For Weight Loss . You know how to lose weight -- create a calorie deficit through diet and exercise. Sometimes, however, knowledge isn't quite enough.

Motivational Weight Loss Quotes
Motivational weight loss quotes to help jump-start your diet.

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