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(#136) A Blogger’s Retrospective: 2012 in Review

 Consider this a look back as we move toward the New Year.
Perhaps a nugget or two will provide inspiration.
Thank you for your continued support and comments.

In May of 2010 I made the decision to begin my first blog. I had 3 goals:

  • Experience a new (for me) aspect of social media
  • Develop and flesh out new ideas
  • Provide something of value—not...

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Yahoo answersHow can I adjust to eat five to six small portioned meals a day?

  • Diet & Fitness

    That's a personal mindset that you, yourself, have to acquire. Just tell yourself this is what you want. It will eventually become second nature. I do it and it regulates my whole day, giving me...

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  • Healthy Weight Loss Is Aim of NARMs 'Take Off' Weight Management Class

    According to the hospital, now is the perfect time to get yourself in shape, shed unwanted pounds and start a fitness program. Starting a diet and a workout routine is easy; sticking with it is hard. The hospital class wants to assist people in this

  • Weight loss/management, not just another resolution

    It seems as if the Thanksgiving-to-New Year's holiday season is one long, tempting food fest designed to make you gain weight. Add in the emotions of the season and experts say the holidays can deal your weight loss efforts a double whammy.

  • Weight-loss trade trims expectations

    Weight-loss and management once an industry built on the lure of the quick-fix is now being sold as a "life service". A new year: a new you. It's the diet industry's perennial catch cry. But as obesity rates continue to climb, weight-loss companies

  • Nutrisystem Announces Latest Weight Loss Success Story: Mom of Four Begins ...

    Having helped Americans lose millions of pounds over the last 40 years, Nutrisystem, Inc. (NASDAQ: NTRI) develops evidence-based programs for healthy weight management, and is the leading provider of home-delivered weight loss meal plans.

  • Attitude is the key to managing your weight

    They make weight loss sound so achievable and fun! It's kind of hard They recently commissioned a study on positivity and weight management, and it turns out that being as thin as one of those models may be as simple as adopting their winning

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