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Weight Loss - The No1 News Years Resolution - Newswire (press release) and both advise that the number 1 new years resolution for 2013 is to lose weight.



It comes as no shock that both CNN and are reporting that once again the number 1 "New Years Resolution" for 2013 is for people to lose weight.

One such weight loss expert is Isabel De Los Rios whom has...


Yahoo answersCan i take cellucors weight loss kit with thier muscle building kit?

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    Try "Healthy Diet" instead. "Healthy Diet" can be seamlessly paired with "Exercise."

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  • Weight Loss - The No1 News Years Resolution

    When asked what driver her to keep helping individuals lose weight De Los Rios says that her number one goal is to help people lose weight and that she even provides a free "Starter Kit to Permanent Weight Loss & Vibrant Health" which is worth $29

  • Advertorial feature Slimming World: Try it, trust it, love it

    Knowing that the other group members cared about my weight loss , and that I cared about theirs, made me feel even more motivated to make the right food choices. “Within just four months, I'd lost over 1½ stones and reached the weight I'd set my heart on.

  • Weight-loss trade trims expectations

    Stanton, who was once a consultant for Weight Watchers until it became ''too commercial'', also questions whether it and other weight-loss companies are now more focused on getting customers to buy their range of convenience foods than helping people

  • 31 days to a healthy new year

    When Becky Leisch, manager and personal trainer at Burn 30 Personal Fitness in Camp Hill, first started her weight loss plan she asked her husband, mom, sister and best friend to check in on her progress. A year and a half later, she had lost 75 pounds.

  • 50 not-so-famous personalities from sport's greatest ever year

    It resulted in one of the year's big online Photoshop memes – JT in full kit taking credit for triumphs including Usain Bolt's 100m gold, Felix Baumgartner's space dive and the Chelsea flower show. In 2000 Glenda Trott decided to try cycling to

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