Computer's Comedy n Jokes Weight loss n smoking why people are skinny in la they broke

Computer Comedy Weight loss n smoking and living in la, From Three 6 Mafia's and MTV's Hollyhood. Computer from MTV's hollyhood standup live and recorded on the road. From the up coming Cd/DVD

Goal setting doesn’t work

The problem with going ahead with a goal without preparing for it first, is that you fail. With failure, it depletes your self belief that you can ever achieve that goal. Maybe you can resonate with this? Imagine a weight loss goal you never fulfil  soon enough you will start believing that it’s too hard or your incapable of losing weight at all. Eventually you will give up trying.  Watch out your going to...

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Yahoo answersHow long can you do a starvation diet, before the weight loss stops?

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    it stops when you admitted to the ER! this is not a joke. bad diet idea. i,ve tried it. got sick.

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