Katrina Kaif chooses Aamir Khan over Ranbir, Sonakshi Sinha clarifies her weight-loss issues, & more

Deepika Padukone & Katrina Kaif spotted greeting each other Jacqueline Fernandez ditches Sajid Khan for Hrithik Roshan Katrina Kaif chooses Aamir Khan over Ranbir Kapoor Ram Gopal Varma will work with Nisha Kothari again Salman Khan & Sonakshi Sinha to star in Maine Pyar Kiya sequel Sanjay Dutt...

Its all a game.

How much weight can I lose before they notice? How much till I can get a diagnosis again? If all my qualities are stripped away, will I be nothing more than a young woman with a mask called ‘Ana’?

I went to the doctors and asked for help today. I’ve been struggling with food and one thought came to mind which really really scared me. I wanted to play a game, a game I haven’t played in a year. If I...

Source: Goodbye to Ana

Yahoo answersWhat are some things I can eat to not feel hungry all the time?

  • Vegetarian & Vegan

    You may not be getting enough vitamins! I know that causes hunger. Here is a super cheap meal I eat at least every 2 weeks and you can eat it until you are full enough to burst. It is a really...

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    His 6.6 pound weight loss was nearly 20 percent of his body weight -- a New Year's resolution success story by any standards. "He did better than most people. I think he could be on the 'Biggest Loser' show," Green said, with a laugh. "It's been slow

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    Beverly in the UK reports, “Cura Romana brought gifts to all areas of my life, not just weight loss . Having suffered thyroid issues, anxiety and hormonal imbalance, I discovered to my surprise and delight that by the end of Essential Spray + Food Plan

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    In the Yale University study in Connecticut, it was found that almost two-thirds of 361 teens enrolled in weight-loss camps had been bullied because of their weight. Rebecca Puhl and her team found that the likelihood of bullying increased with the

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  • January Is Healthy Weight Month at Sansum Clinic

    If you are looking for a speaker to address weight management issues, please contact Jill Fonte at 805.681.1879 of .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address). — Jill Fonte is the director of marketing for Sansum Clinic. Comments

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