Irregular Periods & Raw Food Diet, Ep261

Check out my NEW YouTube Channel "Radiance Central" - All new videos are there! Today I answer questions about the Raw Food Diet and menstruation-- Questions like: What does it mean if you get onto raw foods and your period skips or becomes irregular? Is it healthy not to have a...

What Your Hair Says About Your Health - Yahoo! News (blog)

Major shedding
What it means: The average woman may lose as many as 100 hairs a day, but if you suddenly notice fistfuls coming loose when you brush or piles on your pillow, it may be a clue that you have a hormonal imbalance called PCOS, or polycystic ovary syndrome. "PCOS can trigger your ovaries to produce too many androgens, or male sex hormones, and contribute to...


Yahoo answersWhy did I miss my period even though I am a virgin?

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  • What Your Hair Says About Your Health

    "PCOS can trigger your ovaries to produce too many androgens, or male sex hormones, and contribute to hair thinning or hair loss," says Elizabeth Cunnane Phillips, a trichologist at the Philip Kingsley Clinic in New York City. Other signs of PCOS

  • Weight loss - a solution for PCOD

    Those with PCOD usually have irregular periods and have to take hormonal tablets to induce a period. They may also have facial hair and a high level of androgens (male hormones). Polycystic ovaries are not particularly troublesome and, in many cases,

  • Wonna be mommies cut out the fat

    The couple started planning for their first child two years after marriage, but Sneha could not conceive even after a period of 4 years. Obesity, especially the high abdominal weight can create complications like irregular menstrual cycles

  • Solution to infertility: Simple as ABC

    They warn, “Symptoms vary, but it is still important to let your doctor know if you notice any of the following signs as they may be clues: unexplained weight gain or loss; loss of muscle tone, headaches; anxiety/depression/mood swings; fatigue, low

  • How to survive the festive season….and stay healthy!

    Due to time constraints during this busy period, convenience food and take-out meals enter the picture which could result in weight gain even before the parties start!! Skipping meals due to busy schedules should also be avoided. Irregular eating

Can Weight Loss Lead To An Irregular Period? | LIVESTRONG.COM
Can Weight Loss Lead To An Irregular Period?. From time to time a woman will experience an irregular menstrual cycle. Irregular menstrual periods can occur when there ...

Rapid Weight Loss & Irregular Periods | LIVESTRONG.COM
Rapid Weight Loss & Irregular Periods. Most women begin to have menstrual cycles around the age of 13, although some may start later. Generally you get your period ...

Irregular periods — understanding the menstrual cycle
Answers to your questions about irregular periods — and the natural way to maintain a more regular ... Significant weight gain or loss; Over-exercise; Poor ...

Irregular menstrual periods and Weight loss (unintentional ...
WebMD Symptom Checker helps you find the most common medical conditions indicated by the symptoms Irregular menstrual periods and Weight loss (unintentional) and ...

Reasons for Missed or Irregular Periods
Track your way to weight loss success; ... If you are not pregnant, other causes of missed or irregular periods include: Excessive weight loss or gain.

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