Weight Loss Hypnosis Explained...Plus Test Your Carb. IQ (Bet You'll Be Surprised!!)

Hypnosis For Weight Loss explained with really gross looking cookies( Must See!). Plus at the end Test Your Carb IQ! (Bet You'll Be Surprised!!)

How to Lose Weight Fast IQ - Extreme Fat Loss DIet Program

Some pictures of How to Lose Weight Fast IQ creator, Bogumil Gizewski during the prime of his modeling career.

Just take 15 minutes to read this page & you will learn the fastest & most effective ways to lose weight & fat swift that Hollywood celebrities & professional fashion model use. These top fat burning & weight loss methods will teach you how to lose unwanted fat & weight...

Source: Extreme Fat Loss Diet Program

Yahoo answersWhat kind of questions do they ask during the pysch eval for WLS?

  • Women's Health

    I'm not sure. They may give you a brief IQ test and brief personality assessment. Just be honest (tests are designed to pick up liars).

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