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Download the Apps here Female Version: bit.ly Male Version: bit.ly My first review of an iPhone iPod Touch App, the Virtual Weight Loss Model. A great App to help you with your New Years resolution to lose weight. The App gives you a virtual model so you can visualize your weight loss by setting...

Yoga for Weight Loss - The iPhone App Review

We’ve always had a real soft spot in our hearts for Yoga. Maybe it’s the couple of years we spent dabbling in Buddhism, but we’ve always liked the idea of stretching and moving our way to a stronger inner peace. Now, thanks to Yoga for Weight Loss by developer Saagra we have a way to take that same energy and drive, and then turn it into real weight loss—or so it’s been claimed, anyway. The app contains a...

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Yahoo answersWhat are some goods apps for the iPhone which can help you track your weight loss, excersize, and water intake?

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    If you are a member of the following websites they have good apps: Sparkpeople.com - Good tracking systems and recipes etc. Myfitnesspal - Good for information and some tracking apps available.

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