Iams Proactive Health Indoor Weight And Hairball Care Dry Cat Food, (1) 22 Pound Bag, Real Chicken In Every Bite

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  • Chicken Is The #1 Ingredient In This Protein-Rich Cat Food To Help Support Strong Muscles And To...
  • Contains One (1) 22 Lb. Bag Of Iams Proactive Health Indoor Weight & Hairball Care Adult Dry Cat...
  • Formulated With L-Carnitine To Help Your Indoor Cat Lose Weight Or Maintain A Healthy Weight

Cat Weight Loss - Zeus - Project: Pet Slim Down

Learn more about Project: Pet Slim Down at www.ProjectPetSlimDown.com or on Facebook at www.facebook.com Meet Zeus, an overweight cat that loves treats and lounging. Zeus weighs 20 pounds and participates in Project: Pet Slim Down program to lose weight. A specialized cat food diet and exercise...

Texas Fat Cat Tiny Tim Battles Through Weight Issues - ABC News

There's nothing tiny about Tiny Tim, a Texas fat cat. Tiny, as his caretakers call him, was rescued just before Christmas in 2011.

"Because he was so huge, he had trouble walking, he had trouble standing," Southside Place Animal Hospital manager Debbie Green told ABCNews.com.

Tiny, who's about 9 years old, weighed in at a hefty 35.2 pounds when he arrived at the animal hospital, but testing...

Source: abcnews.go.com

Yahoo answersDid you know cats are at a serious risk for heartworm disease?

  • Cats

    this is all true. i have had people come to me with the misnomer that dogs were the only animals susceptible to heartworms. that is far from the truth. thank you for this information and hopefully,...

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  • Texas Fat Cat Tiny Tim Battles Through Weight Issues

    PHOTOS: Crazy Cats. His 6.6 pound weight loss was nearly 20 percent of his body weight -- a New Year's resolution success story by any standards. "He did better than most people. I think he could be on the 'Biggest Loser' show," Green said, with a laugh.

  • Hill's to introduce new weight loss food for pets

    For example, another recently developed food aimed to treat symptoms of an overactive thyroid in cats by limiting the amount of iodine they consume, Jewell said. Iodine is an important component of the hormone that causes symptoms like weight loss and

  • Exocrine Pancreatic Insufficiency: Cats Get it Too!

    When I see a cat with weight loss , I commonly collect blood for what The Animal Medical Center calls a GI panel. This quartet of tests looks at the digestive function of the pancreas and small intestine. One of the tests measures trypsin-like

  • Tiny Tim loses 8 lbs to weigh 27 lbs after a year-long diet (but couldn't ...

    But because quick weight-loss can be dangerous for cats, staff at the clinic are watching over his meals closely. His daily calorie count now reaches just 300, divided over two meals, and the staff make sure to place his bowl at different spots

  • Ask the Vet: Thirst may signal pet illness

    When Kidneys fail to do this, a cat will compensate by drinking more water. Cats with kidney dysfunction usually have a decreased appetite, may be vomiting, and have weight loss . They can also have heart problems, high blood pressure and a concurrent

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WebMD explains the medical conditions that may be causing your cat’s unexplained weight loss -- and what treatments are available.

Weight Loss in Cats - Causes, Diagnosis & Treatment. | Cat Health ...
Weight loss isn't a disease in itself rather it is a sign of an underlying problem. There are generally two 'reasons' your cat loses weight. Stress or medical condition.

Unexplained, Sudden Weight Loss in Cats on MedicineNet
Many people worry about cats and weight gain, but unintentional cat weight loss can be a serious issue, too. Often, weight loss in a cat that isn't on a diet is a ...

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Most of the time, weight loss in your cat is no problem. Many of us are guilty of having an overweight cat, and some weight loss can be a good thing for their health.

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