Weight Struggles With Having A Chronic Illness

In this video I explain how weight can be an issue for people with chronic illnesses. We lose weight and gain weight without any control. If you are dealing with this, you are not alone. SUBSCRIBE for more videos! :) BLOG: sickgirldiary.tumblr.com TWITTER: twitter.com FACEBOOK PAGE:...

Its all a game.

How much weight can I lose before they notice? How much till I can get a diagnosis again? If all my qualities are stripped away, will I be nothing more than a young woman with a mask called ‘Ana’?

I went to the doctors and asked for help today. I’ve been struggling with food and one thought came to mind which really really scared me. I wanted to play a game, a game I haven’t played in a year. If I...

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Yahoo answersWhat illnesses can cause weight loss and how do you obtain them?

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    Cancer, Stroke, Mental incompetence... -All of These can cause serious Weight Loss ( And WILL- if You're unlucky enough to come down with Them).

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