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Think Before Your Diet

There are many men and women who decide on a regular basis to loose weight.  January is full of great resolutions and good intentions, but sometimes getting started on our mission is harder than we think.

Often failure is about not being in the right mental place to carry out your goal.  If you start in the wrong frame of mind or for the wrong reasons then the chances of failure are much...

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Yahoo answersWhat is the best weight loss exercise?

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    The best way to loose weight is jump roping. I have tried running, biking, sit ups, and all sorts of exerices and none seemed to work as well as jump roping. Jumping rope will seriously work...

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  • Toned without the torture: Hiking and hypnotherapy on a boutique bootcamp

    I was in denial about the lack of exercise I was engaging in before, but now I've found something I like and can fit into my day: pilates, core exercises and free weights each morning. And the outcome? I lost 4.4lbs, an inch-and-a-half from around my

  • Exercise increases life expectancy for normal-weight persons, says study

    Aerobic exercises have been found to be good for your heart, circulation and overall health but can be bad for actual weight loss .Stress hormones such as cortisol will stimulate appetite and increase fat storage. This is one of the reasons that one may

  • Weight Loss Exercise: What's Cardio Or Strength Training

    Exercisers seeking weight loss have long debated what the best way to lose fat might be. While some argue that cardio is the fastest way to a whittled waistline, others suggest that the metabolism boost offered by weight and resistance training is a

  • Kelly Osbourne's weight loss secret: vegan chef boyfriend

    Back then, Osbourne credited her 50 pound weight loss to simple diet and exercise. "I used to eat chips and cookies and drink soda all day long," she told Shape. "I had to start making better choices. Now, when I'm full I stop eating!" While competing

  • Aerobic exercise better for weight loss than resistance training

    "Given that approximately two-thirds of adults in the United States are overweight due to excess body fat, We want to offer clear, evidence-based exercise recommendations that will truly help people lose weight and body fat," Leslie H. Willis, an

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