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Epic 'Les Misérables' runs out of steam

/news/les-miserables-bows-at-no-1-on-soundtracks-1008062642.story. 'Les Miserables' Bows at No. 1 on Soundtracks Chart. It's "Les Miserables" mania on the Billboard charts this week. "Les Miserables: Highlights From the Motion Picture Soundtrack"

Cari Lynn is an AwardsLine contributor. It's not likely that any of the 60 million theatergoers who saw the musical Les Misérables would have...

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Yahoo answersare there any good free weight loss charts on the net i can use?

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  • Cardio burns more fat than weight lifting

    If you want to burn fat and lose weight, aerobic exercise may be your best workout option, according to a study in the Journal of Applied Physiology. It was more effective than a weight-lifting routine, and about as beneficial as workouts combining

  • NHS staff 'should consider weight loss surgery to set a better example to ...

    weight in order to qualify. Research has shown that obesity surgery is cost effective because it causes dramatic weight loss which improves the health of patients avoiding the need for hip and knee replacements, diabetes medication and other

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    Obesity and weight gain are major lifestyle problems that haunt a majority of people the world over. Today we take a look at the top weight loss studies in 2012 that will put misconceptions and myths to rest, and change our image too. We relive 2012 to

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    Dr. Mehmet Oz got people's attention when he called a weight loss supplement made with an extract from green coffee beans "a miracle" on his syndicated television program. After the May airing, sales of the product -- which is made from an extract of

  • Weight-loss surgery program aimed at low-income people

    About 30 people, most of them low-income and struggling with diabetes or other chronic health conditions, have undergone weight-loss surgery during the past seven months in a new program at Ventura County Medical Center. The bariatric program at the

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