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Texas Fat Cat Tiny Tim Battles Through Weight Issues - ABC News

There's nothing tiny about Tiny Tim, a Texas fat cat. Tiny, as his caretakers call him, was rescued just before Christmas in 2011.

"Because he was so huge, he had trouble walking, he had trouble standing," Southside Place Animal Hospital manager Debbie Green told ABCNews.com.

Tiny, who's about 9 years old, weighed in at a hefty 35.2 pounds when he arrived at the animal hospital, but testing...

Source: abcnews.go.com

Yahoo answersIs substantial weight loss a reason for worry on a bladder cancer patient?

  • Cancer

    If he has bladder cancer he typically would not be seeing an oncologist. That much weight loss is concerning for anyone and it is not common in bladder cancer patients. The vast majority of...

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  • Texas Fat Cat Tiny Tim Battles Through Weight Issues

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