Top 10 Snacks to Lose Weight

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The 10 Biggest Weight-Loss Mistakes: Health:

The thought of going to the gym doesn't exactly thrill us either, which is exactly why we want the most efficient (read: shortest) workout possible. That means eliminating all distractions. So resist the urge to check your inbox every 30 seconds or text your friend to make plans. "If you're emailing or reading, you're not working out hard enough to lose weight," says Kacy Duke, a personal trainer at...

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Yahoo answersWill a weight loss of 10 pounds make a difference?

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    oh yeh. big diff

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    Hyman says 94% of his clients are losing weight, and the majority are on track to lose 10% of their weight over the 12-month period. He also says fewer than 5% of his clients have dropped out over the course of the year. Unlike most weight-loss

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