Qnexa, a New Weight Loss Drug, Reviewed by FDA

In this video news segment, Dr. Karon LoCicero, LMG Medical Director, discusses the new weight loss medication, Qnexa.

New Tricks for Weight Loss Success

Many overweight people usually go about the entire process of trimming down and getting healthy the wrong way. It's hard to see any positive changes in weight loss when you're continuously getting the wrong information. There are plenty of people who overdo things by adopting real drastic changes that involve things like strenuous exercises and crash diets. You'll actually end up doing more harm than good and...

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Yahoo answersIs it safe to take the FDA approved weight loss drug Alli on prescription Xanax?

  • Alternative Medicine

    When they speak of not mixing weight loss medication with Xanax, and other benzodiazepine tranquilizers, the general meaning is not to mix it with sympathetomimetic stimulants Sibutramine - which...

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  • Weight Loss Pill Qsymia 'Gaining Traction'

    26, 2012 -- Sales of the prescription weight loss drug Qsymia, the first such drug to get the FDA's OK in 13 years, are increasing, despite earlier reports of sluggish interest. For the week ending Dec. 7, more than 2,000 new prescriptions for Qsymia

  • Popular Weight Loss Drug May Cause Permanent Liver and Kidney Damage

    Two new weight loss drugs, Belviq (lorcaserin) and Qnexa, have come on the market this year, lorcaserin and Qnexa, each with its potential benefits and health risks. So far, it doesn't seem possible to interfere with the body's fat absorption

  • Weigh pros and cons of 2 new diet drugs

    Weight-loss drugs have so far been a complete bust. But they may be verging on a comeback, now that the Food and Drug Administration has approved two new prescription diet pills for the first time in more than a decade. Both weight-loss medications

  • Lifetime of dieting is the new weight loss plan

    A NEW year: a new you. It's the diet industry's perennial catch cry. As obesity rates continue to climb, weight-loss companies are rebranding their message. While reaching your ''goal weight'' was once the slimmer's holy grail, success is now being

  • New way to fight obesity targets taste receptors in the gut

    Robert F. Margolskee, MD, PhD Professor of Neuroscience at Mount Sinai School of Medicine said in a press release that the 2007 finding "may explain why current artificial sweeteners may not help with weight loss , and may lead to the production of

Qsymia, Belviq: New Weight Loss Drugs Compared
July 18, 2012 -- Two new prescription weight loss drugs, Belviq and Qsymia, now have the FDA's blessing. Which, if either, is for you? Both drugs help some ...

New Weight Loss Drug Not A Game Changer, Doctors Warn - NY1.com
A new obesity drug is on the market claiming to help obese people lose weight fast. NY1's Cheryl Wills filed the following report. Gwendolyn Barton from East Harlem ...

FDA Approves First New Weight-Loss Drug In More Than A Decade ...
For the first time in 13 years, the Food and Drug Administration has approved a new drug to help people lose weight. The FDA gave the green light to Arena ...

Your New Weight-Loss Resolution: Drive Less - Drugs.com MedNews
THURSDAY Dec. 27, 2012 -- If weight loss is your New Year's resolution, making another vow -- to drive less in 2013 -- could help, a new study suggests.

Diet Pills - WebMD: Prescription Weight Loss Drugs, Appetite ...
Using prescription weight loss drugs to treat obesity should be used as an option for the following individuals: ... Healthy New Year: Better Eating Resolutions;

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