Please Don't Take ANY Diet Pills

This was requested by Pearlygirl0 . This video I get real. You will see tears and you will see me get mad. I want to inform and let everyone know that diet pills are very dangerous and everyone should stay away from them.

Snooki Lost A Lot Of Weight, Now Shilling For Zantrex TheGloss

The Jersey Shore ‘s Nicole Polizzi (AKA Snooki ) has apparently lost of a bunch of weight, like she’s been promising to for a while now. The 24-year-old reality show star has dropped to 103 lbs, five away from her goal weight of 98 lbs (she told Wendy Williams ). Spurred by online criticism of her weight, Snooki decided to make serious...

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Yahoo answersHow much weight did you lose taking Zantrex 3?

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    Try the diet section for this =) but just know, the tv stars get paid to advertise for products

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Because apparently the Cookie Diet doesn't work (Who knew?), Snooki is reportedly knocking back Zantrex-3 diet pills now, according to a press release you

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Jersey Shore's Snooki is attributing her recent weight loss to hardcore work outs and Zantrex-3 diet pills .

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Snooki’s Weight Loss Secret Revealed: Controversial Diet Pill Zantrex-3.

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