Diet pills - benefits and side effects

Dietitian Melanie McGrice discusses the benefits and side effects of weight loss medications

8 Most Dangerous Diet Pill Side Effects

If you’re one of the three in 10 Americans currently trying to lose weight, diet pills may have crossed your mind as a reasonable solution. It’s an alluring proposition: pop a pill or two in the morning and watch your extra pounds melt away.

Yet, of those who have actually succeeded with their weight loss goals, only 4 percent say using diet pills helped. [i]

Perhaps this is because even...

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Yahoo answersWhat are the possible negative side effects of diet pills like Hoodia?

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    FORGET DIET PILLS. try this surefire way of avoiding side effects, and it is cheaper too. Losing weight steadily is the best! 1) Eat more steam food, lean meat, vegies and fruits 2) Cut out the...

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    Unlike other diet pills , Quantrim does not contain stimulants such as guarana and amphetamines. These components lead to numerous side effects such as insomnia, irritability, mood changes and anxiety. With Quantrim's natural ingredients and safe

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    Weight loss drugs have long been viewed with suspicion by healthcare specialists both because of their limited efficacy and the risks of side effects – factors which continue to haunt the field. Qsymia's weight loss impact is slightly more than 10

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Dangers of Diet Pills and Side Effects, What You Have To Know. It is important to know the dangers of diet pills and diet pill side effects.

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