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I was thinking, she needs custom made jeans and pants. She never looks right in jeans made for people with a normal butt. She cannot fit that monster in normal jeans. Who could make them? The local tent and awning company. ***& e-gads, it looks like she owns many pairs of those awful, horrid lambswool cut-out-toe shoe/sandal/boot thingys…and can she not see that camel-toe in one of her bojillions of...

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Yahoo answersIs the pressure off for women to be skinny?

  • Singles & Dating

    Yes and No. While there are more curvy women in the media, those same women are the ones slinging diet pills and going on in on in Cosmo how they work out all day and diet like there is no...

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    She's the latest celebrity to draw criticism over endorsement deals and product lines, joining the likes of Kathie Lee Gifford and Kim Kardashian. The Center for Science in the Public The reality TV star has been backing QuickTrim Suppress and Burn

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    Kim, who has dropped a significant amount of weight lately with the help of The Tracy Anderson Method workouts and diet pills , attempted to flaunt her slimmed down figure in an Alexander McQueen peplum skirt and skintight crop-top, but the actual

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    Kardashian first became famous after a sex tape with singer Ray J. Norwood leaked in 2007. On her reality show, Kardashian glamorizes a shallow life, and she has long been known for pushing products such as diet pills via social media, but promoting

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    More people were probably searching Kim Kardashian out for her love affair with Kanye West or even which handbag she's carrying this week, but in our neck of the woods it was all about QuickTrim. The supplement endorsed by the Kardashian sisters

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    If she eats a healthy diet she will put on less pounds. Every pregnancy is different. JuliaOceania: Unless of .. OfficialKxy Kim Kardashian's marriage is now beaten by Jessica Simpson's pregnancy. #HornyJessicaSimp. less than a minute ago from web

Kim Kardashian Weight Loss: Reality Star Turns To Diet Pills To ...
Kim Kardashian Weight Loss : Reality Star Turns To Diet Pills To Shed Pounds (PHOTO)

Kim Kardashian Diet Pills - Zimbio
Kim Kardashian diet pills are made by Quick Trim, and Kim is one of their celebrity sponsors. See more about Kim Kardashian diet pills here.

QuickTrim Diet Review | Kim Kardashian Diet
For rapid weight loss just like Kardashian sisters Kourtney and Kim, QuickTrim offers diet pills or a lemonade cleanse.

Kim Kardashian and Sisters Sued for $5 Million Over Diet Pills
Kim Kardashian, her sisters, QuickTrim and several stores are named in a $5 million lawsuit that accused the parties of spreading lies about a diet regime.

Kim Kardashian diet pills lawsuit: Angry customers slam ...
Khloe, left, and Kim Kardashian, right, 'lied' about getting their amazing figures from over-the-counter diet pills , according to a $5million lawsuit against the ...

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