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You’re about to find out…

There are 1000′s of diet pills marketed toward women all of which claim they are the best, so how are you suppose to know which ones are safe and effective?

We set ourselves apart by allowing you to sort and rank diet pills yourself. You can easily find the best diet pill for women based on the following criteria.

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Yahoo answerswhat are the best diet pills for women?

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    Diet pills are a waste of money, don't work, and some are actually bad for you with nasty side effects. No pill, potion or supplement will help. Please don't fall for all the spam adverts you see....

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    At the end of the study, the women who took GCBE diet pills were able to lose an average of two pounds - compared to just one pound on average for the women who took the placebo. This was a small study, but there has been other research that has shown

  • How celebrities went to war with science

    THEY feed us a constant diet of fads and fancies, from detoxifying drinks to colon cleansers. But there were signs in 2012 that some celebrities at The comedian said that popping vitamin pills is a waste of time. Lucy Jones, of the British Dietetic

  • Scott "Q" Marcus: What works out of 600 diets?

    More importantly, why do normally rational, intelligent people ignore what they know and put their faith in untested, poorly documented, heavily hyped diets listed on dubious web pages or shouted at us during 30-minute infomercials? Like the coal fire

  • Google's Most Popular Diets of 2012

    And the name P.I.N.K. is obviously targeted to women, which could be a turn-off to men who need to lose weight. 5. Adriana Lima Diet. Pros: Victoria's Secret model Lima is fond of veggies, drinks plenty of water, and is an avid fitness 7. NV Diet

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    The first consideration is “pills.” For 50 years, I watched the evolution of pills for weight loss. Each new one was extolled as The Answer, but I gave up prescribing such pills some 45 years ago, and never regretted it. Most of them were helpful for

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