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Fat Chance: Europe May Nix Vivus Diet Pill // Pharmalot

Just two months after Vivus finally won FDA approval for its Qsymia prescription diet pill, the drugmaker late last week disclosed that European regulators are not inclined to issue the same recommendation. Not surprisingly, Vivus stock dove and analysts rejiggered their forecasts, underscoring ongoing uncertainty about the potential success – at least on a near-term basis – for the first crop of new diet...

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Yahoo answersHow to lose stubborn weight? Phosphatidylcholine Deoxycholate?

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    The more aggressively any of the new diet pills are marketed, the greater the risks of misuse, failure to ensure the drug is accompanied by diet and exercise and danger of consumer disappointment. Gary Palmer, chief medical officer in the US for Eisai

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    The drug will be available in pill form nationwide beginning in January and will be taken by patients in conjunction with a low-fat diet and other lipid-lowering treatments. In a 78-week clinical trial, the drug reduced patients' LDL (low-density

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    The leaves and branches of this bushy plant have been used by herbalists in Europe for centuries to help treat circulatory and respiratory problems. In extract form, it's Sadly, our current medical system has taught us that we just wait until we

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    1 A diet pill To take away all the calories after Christmas lunch. 2 A transporter like in Star Trek So you'd never have to wait . When I'm travelling around Europe there are a lot of regional variations. Things like Crazy Schnuller or Build-A

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    Amphetamine-based diet pills , for example, were eventually pulled from the diet market for reasons of addiction and abuse. The drug rimonabant, sold in parts of Europe under trade names like Acomplia and Slimona, was rejected by the U.S. Food and Drug

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EuropeanDiet.net - European Diets: While we often hear about the health and fitness of Europeans, particularly in the south, we hear significantly less about European ...

New Diet Pill on Sale in Europe - The People's Pharmacy®
Americans are fat. One third of us are obese. And another third are overweight. A new study suggests that carrying around even a few extra pounds may shorten our lives.

New Miracle Diet Pill Emerges as Meridia is Banned - Yahoo! Voices ...
Review of the fatal history of diet pills ; Meridia banned in Europe in January. 2 Comments Post a Comment. Sally Ann Murphy 2/12/2010. Wonderful article - thanks!

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Has this ever happened to you? You have decided to better your self, and part of that is finally get in shape by loosing those unwanted, and unhealthy pounds.

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